Thank you so much for all that you do for others – sharing your knowledge of herbal healing, positive attitude, and your gift of healing! You’ve made such a difference in my life/health! I tell everyone! Thanks again!

-Julie Kantor

Happy Juice

I’ve been using Happy Juice for a little over a week and I feel extraordinarily pleased with the product. Physically, emotionally and psychologically I have felt a positive change. Prior to using Happy Juice I struggled with a positive outlook. I’m a advocate for Happy Juice and have already recommended it to friends and associates.

- A Jauay

Angel Tea

My dog Movado was diagnosed with cancer of his paw. After having one of his toes amputated his veterinarian told me and his “dad” that Movado “Mo Mo” had approximately six weeks to live and there was nothing more we could do.

We took Mo Mo to his groomer one last time to be bathed and clipped and told her the bad news. She then started telling me about this tea she gave her husband who has cancer and was given months to live. That was four years ago. She said try and give it to Mo Mo daily. Well I did, faithfully, 3 times a day every day. That was 15 months ago. His veterinarian cannot find any cancer. I also give it to his brother for allergies and his older brother for arthritis. Everyone is healthy. They are 11, 10 and 8 years old.

Thank you for providing this wonderful Angel Tea.

-Gwen & Jon Stevenson
Movado, Seiko & Tag

I have been battling cancer for the past 35 years, my last encounter was surgery to remove a tumor in my brain. After surgery the surgeon and my oncologist said that this type of cancer will reoccur within 3 to 4 months. I have a friend that recommended alternative medicine including Angel tea. Since the brain surgery I have been taking the recommended medicine daily. The good news is that my surgery was 2 years ago this month and no reoccurrence or brain cancer. So in conclusion whatever I am doing I will keep doing.

- John Prisciotta

Eyes Bright

I have worn the same prescription in my contacts for over 20 years, a –7.5 in both eyes in December 2008. I started taking Eyes Bright on Feb 6th I went to the eye doctor because my vision had become blurry – after 5 hours, original appointment was scheduled for 1 hour -  the doctor explained that my eyes had improved 2 full points to a -5.5. Something he had no explanation for. As for me I say, Yahoo for herbs!

- Barbara Lundberg

Beat Clear

I wanted to share my latest testimony – I was diagnosed with high cholesterol – it was 256 in December and my doctor put me on Vitorin. Instead of taking the Vitorin, I started with Heart Formula (4 twice a day) and Green Tea Extract as instructed by the gals at the store. 6 weeks later I had my blood work again and my cholesterol was down to 155!! I never imagined it would come down 101 points in 6 weeks!! I am also eating a low fat, low carb diet which I am sure helps also…but I know the largest change was the herbs.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Happy Backs

I wanted you to know how happy I am with your “Happy Backs” product. It has almost eliminated the frequent kidney infections I was having. Thus greatly reducing or eliminating any kidney pain which, in turn, helps reduce some of my back pain.

- Lenore Hill

Thy Right

My name is Stacie Donald and 2 months ago I purchased the Thyroid Formula capsules. For 3 years I suffered from fatigue, weight gain, brain fogginess, sensitive to cold, bad skin, vision problems and overall bad health. My cholesterol shot up and I was prone to infections. Doctors never knew what was wrong, as I had been to many Dr. offices and ER visits. I was treated for everything from pancreatitis, yeast infections and gallbladder – when those were never the problem. Finally after 3 years, a blood test indicated an elevated TSH – but according to the physician, not high enough to be treated with Synthroid. Fed up – and sick – I found Herbally Grounded and have never been the same!

Thanks H.G. for helping my symptoms greatly!

Balance and Synergy

I am “toe-tally” thankful for you “Balance” and “Synergy” products! I am “toe-tally” amazed that I am not nauseous or throwing up severely with this pregnancy. Your hormone balance product really works! I am 10 weeks along in my 4th pregnancy and usually I get very nauseous at week 5 and stay nauseous for 4 long miserable months. I went on “Balance” at the end of week 3 when I discovered I was pregnant! I have not felt nauseous yet. We wondered if maybe I wasn’t really pregnant because I wasn’t nauseous. So, I had an ultrasound last week and I saw the baby. I really am pregnant! I prefer to take the “Synergy” as my prenatal over the New Chapter prenatal because I feel better. My family and I are very grateful that you shared these miraculous herbs with us. You have no idea how happy we are about these herbs.

- Marleen, Doug, Bethany, Scotty, Conner, & baby Ritchie

I thought I would write you a note to let you how I am doing. To this date I have lost at least 40 pounds. It is because of my new life style and not because I have lost my appetite. The supplements are working and I sometimes feel better than I have felt in years. I went to my Internal Medicine Dr. today, I avoid Oncologists, he was very happy with my state of health. He said, “whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it.” My blood pressure is excellent and my pulse rate was good. He was pleased with my appearance in that it appears that my liver is functioning. He listened to my lungs and though I was last diagnosed with multiple tumors in my lungs, they have not taken over and he said my lungs sounded pretty clear. He thinks the occasional coughing fits I have where I cough up some pinkish brownish spots are from disintegrating tumors. I still have a large tumor about the size of a baseball on my liver. It is of concern, of course, but being able to see it and feel it helps me to stay real and keep working. I have found that a poultice applied to the tumor at night before bed and a cup of pau d’arco tea helps me to stay comfortable through the night. I really think that coffee enemas are helpful to my liver function too. I am very grateful for the herbs and supplements to which you have guided me.

Thanks again for sharing your gifts, knowledge, and experience and being such a help and support to those of us who are trying to get well.

-Carol Jeppson

May I take a heartfelt moment to say ‘thank you’ to your store and staff for effecting the most wonderful life changing transformation that I ever dreamed possible for my overall well-being: body, mind and Spirit.

November 2009 I first came to your store in chronic pain in my nerves and muscles that so overwhelmed me that even laughing would make my body shut down in anguish and complete immobility. This condition was what was left after getting E=Coli in late 1992 and for years and years it ate up nerves and muscles with a deadly virus. The doctors tried but were humbly helpless to stop what was happening. As the condition worsened, my faith in God’s ability and willingness to help me, grew stronger and stronger. By His grace I survived and began to turn the corner to mild mobility. However, I was shut in all the time in pain in both muscles and nerves.

A friend knew of my desperation and told me about your store in November 2009. I called and got help over the phone and had many herb preparations made ready for me to pick up with ease. Every time I was led to greater and newer resolutions for my nerve pain, my mobility, my muscle spasms and weakness, my hormones, and my overall wellness!

Today I want to honor your store and staff for selfless dedication to concern for each person as a unique individual. The customer service is excellent; but above all things, your staff is committed with a tireless sense of service that is filled with a passion for doing the thing for just the right reason.

My gratitude abounds toward you for giving me the “newer road” to a wonderful life and may God so bless you, as you all have blessed me.

-Kiya Firestone